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Shooting Hours

WINTER: Mon - Sun
10am - 3pm

SUMMER: Mon - Sun
9am - 6pm

Bookings strictly by appointment only.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    What do I need to bring?
    Nothing special - all shooting equipment is provided.

    How should I dress?
    Comfortable clothing, nothing too loose or items of clothing that may restrict your movement. If you have long hair please make sure you can tie it up, or contain it under a cap etc.

    What about footwear?
    No open footwear, sandals or the like. Good sturdy, covered footwear is a must.

    What if the weather is bad?
    We seldom have to cancel. Whilst it is definitely an outdoor sport, we can erect temporary gazebo's for shooters and observers alike. In the case of extreme weather patterns a joint decision will be made.

    Is this a safe sporting experience?
    Absolutely. The shooting range is clearly marked, along with well defined spectator areas. At the initial Health & Safety briefing all aspects of safety are covered. The safety aspect is continually monitored throughout your shooting experience.

    What sort of numbers can Clay Break Taupo cater for?
    All group sizes can be accommodated. Larger groups (40+) require a little further consideration, so please feel free to discuss your individual event needs.


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